Join us at Sanctuary OTR | Northstar's Campus in the heart of Cincinnati  

Sanctuary OTR -
The Woodward Theatre in Over-the-Rhine
1404 Main St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Sunday Gatherings 11am
Missional Community Gathering | Mondays at 7pm | City West Location

For more info, contact Greg Knake at or 513.205.5864


It all started when...

In many ways, it is hard to tell a story that is only just beginning.  But consider this A New Hope (or Fellowship of the Ring, depending on which camp you belong in) and know that more is yet to come.  Starting a new church is never easy and often stupid. (And this is coming from folks who love church planting and believe in it!)  There are a lot of churches in the world, especially in the midwest, where we happen to reside.  But we didn't start with the intention to do something no one has ever done before. We started with a calling.  

A few folks started having conversations about what it might look like to see a new church in the neighborhood of Over the Rhine. There are many wonderful and impactful churches in OTR, churches that have long histories spanning over a century, and yet this calling wouldn't leave.  What these folks decided this church wouldn't be is THE answer.  Instead if they are being called to a region, then they are called to work together for the Kingdom of God in that region with the co-laborers (and other mission workers) who make up that part of town.  

After many conversations over beer and coffee about name changes, different expressions of church, and who this group of people sensed a calling to reach, Sanctuary OTR was born.  The truth is, though there are many churches in Cincinnati, statistics show that the best way to reach new people with the Gospel story is by planting new churches.  Churches that represent different expressions, different cultures and different people. 

As Sanctuary, we wanted to express ourselves as a place where everyone experiences what it means to belong. Over 2015, we hosted events to connect people in community like Beer and Hymns, Cincy Stories, and the OTR Potluck.  We started our first Missional Community to do life together and talk about what it would look like to be the church where we are.  

We have this crazy notion that when Jesus walked the earth, he didn't waste his time with only people who agreed with him spiritually and philosophically, but instead, he went out to where the people were and loved them. Right there.

Sanctuary is on mission to go where people are and see them become who they were created to be: people who belong.  

The entire story of the Gospel tells us that God Himself, created all things and saw His creation rebel against Him. But, it continues to show us that God furiously and passionately pursued His creation in love and made a way through Jesus to tell each person: you belong.

We are made up of the rebellious, the rejected and the right brained.  We each, even the rebellious, belong to a Kingdom that was founded and bought with love and we're inviting you to join us as we continue our story!